Corporate Art Leasing

Art leasing provides your business with an alternative to purchase; offering the workplace a relief from the ordinary by displaying fresh artwork rotated on a regular basis. This option allows your business to display and enjoy original artwork and to project a dynamic, successful image without capital investment.

Revolve provides art consultative services as well as transport, delivery, and installation for an additional fee. 

Why Lease?

It’s Tax Deductible:
All fees paid to lease artwork can be included as operating expenses, which are 100% tax deductible.

It’s Affordable: 
At certain points in a business’ life cycle, purchasing original art is simply not a wise financial decision. Leasing artwork allows your business to benefit from and enjoy original artwork for a fraction of the purchase price.

Support Local Artists: 
All lease payments are shared directly with the artist to help support their studio costs, supplies, and their lifestyle. Many artists are supported by deft grant writing and a handful of patrons who purchase their work occasionally; art leasing provides a reliable income stream and allows our community to show local artists our support.

Refresh Your Space and Try Before You Buy: 
You can change your surroundings as frequently as once a year with art leasing. If you are anticipating an artwork purchase, a lease will allow you to “live with it” before committing to a purchase.

It Conserves Capital and Credit: 
Because the capital conserved by leasing art is an operating expense, all of the funds earmarked for the purchase of art can instead be utilized for other capital expenditures. Borrowing reduces lines of credit, but a lease is not a loan, it is an operating expense. Hence, leasing frees up credit lines and borrowing capacity.

Off Balance Sheet Financing:
An operating lease keeps the debt, and the corresponding asset, off the company’s balance sheet. Therefore, borrowing debt covenants are circumvented, financial ratios are enhanced, and borrowing capacity is increased.


All of the artwork displayed on this site is available for immediate purchase unless otherwise noted as unavailable. If you wish to purchase a piece, simply click on the artist of interest and complete the message request at the bottom of the page. We offer a standard purchase agreement or a lease-to-purchase agreement, which may be negotiated upon request.


Many of our artists are available for individually commissioned pieces. If you are interested in this option, please contact us to request details.