JK Thorsen

Having studied and worked on the West Coast and Midwest, she has her own style. Often working in-the-moment, her art sometimes reveals experiences, "nature" and the stories of others, while her ecological focus continues to influence her options. Not limited to themes, nor prone to pretension, she will - at times - respond to issues of the heart and the world with humor and hope.

 JK has worked in - and in support of - art and design from an early age, continued while attending Pasadena City College and throughout her life. Not aspiring to hand-outs or hand-ups, Thorsen's commercial designs - combined with luck, Grace and continued creative process - have allowed her to take responsibility for herself as an artist and for her non - commercial art. From a creative background, she also studied and worked alongside Martha Wagner and Dan Boylan. When schedule permits, Thorsen teaches at Joslyn Art Museum. She also volunteers artistic time and supplies to those who are without.

 Thorsen’s paintings are exhibited in numerous collections; her work has been sought-after for varied commissions; she has been recognized for artistic endeavors - and still - it is her art that remains foremost. Whether producing somewhere on-site or in her un-heated workshop, growth perseveres with art and relationships. www.jkthorsen.com