Gabi Quiroz

Artist Statement

Why do human beings have the need to try and explain the unknown? If we as a people cannot explain an unknown existence, then we often try to represent it in one way or another. The phenomenon of death is one of these uncharted questions and beliefs for each individual. All beings will eventually die. Everyone knows this, what we don’t know is what comes after. Through the centuries we as individuals have tried to explain our mortality through symbolism and myth. My work focuses primarily on these representations. Ironically the meaning of death is often applied to another living mortal; whether that be human, animals, or vegetation. The portrayal’s I have chosen to work with derive from the lore of ancient through present day society. I have created a series of paintings and intricate drawings that impersonate the natural world in which to replicate these beliefs. In doing so I am stating that no matter what culture or time we live in, we are all connected through this mortality.


Gabriella Quiroz is an Omaha-based artist working out of the Hot Shops Art Center. Her work has been featured in numerous group showings throughout the city of Omaha and its surrounding areas.  Gabi works primarily in oil paints and colored pencils developing works of symbolic imagery and figurative study. 

She has always had an innate drive to learn about and discover the outer and inner workings of the world around her, doing so through books and exposure to different societal values.  Some of her earliest memories include coloring with Crayola crayons, being exposed to the cycle of life and death by her mother (a scholar of the Holocaust, Music, and Education), and receiving encouragement from her father to always practice, practice, practice. 

While she notes her education in the arts to have begun from a very young age, her formal education took its roots at the University of Nebraska Omaha.  Here she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in Art History.  Throughout her term of study here Gabi was awarded multiple scholarships and recognitions for her work. 

For Gabi the Holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Dia de los Muertos played important roles in her childhood and hold this significance today.  This, in part with her upbringing and experiences alongside other creative people, has led her to study symbolism and how it differs from society to society, throughout time.  With her use of symbolism to express meaning and emotion she discovered that the human figure is just as capable at achieving this affect.

Today her work continues to involve these subjects heavily and as a result it is expanding into different mediums.