Deborah Murphy

I was born an artist.  I believe that most artists are born. That was the case with me, anyway.  I never had any doubt in my mind.  I think that’s true with most artists; they don’t choose it, they are just born that way.  We’re the lucky ones: we have always known our vocation.  We never had to decide what we wanted to do, it was decided for us.  

I want communicate and create a sense of calm and of reflection in my work.  This is a chaotic world, to put it mildly.  If I can create something that people can reflect upon and it can take them out of where they are for the moment into a different world or environment, that’s what I’m searching for.  I want people to react in the same way that I do to a landscape or a porch scene: really be drawn in.  In my porch scenes I want to communicate the feeling of home as a safe place.  A place where anyone can sit on the front porch, feel safe and at the same time, look out and observe the world.

I think every artist wants the same thing: recognition and their work to sell.  It’s a struggle for most artists to maintain a level of self-confidence, even if they sell a lot of work.  It seems there are two extremes: artists are either plagued with insecurity or plagued with ego.

My “poison” is being in my studio and pacing the floor.  Looking at the canvas, doing anything to distract my mind from it because I just cannot feel anything coming on.  That’s the worst feeling in the world:  you’re an artist, meant to be creating, and nothing is happening.  Not being fulfilled the way that I would like to be.

My peace is being in nature.  That is my sanctuary.  I love to sit and look at nature, see things growing, and listen to the birds.  It sounds simple, but it gives me a calm, peaceful feeling that I cannot recreate anywhere else.

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