Deborah Murphy

My work has always addressed the reality of everyday surroundings with major emphasis upon the eastern Nebraska landscape. The compositions, whether done in acrylic or Prismacolor, center attention on the contrasts and colors of the winter/dormant landscape, particularly the patterns existing within vegetation. I’ve always been intrigued by the harmony and orderliness of nature and man’s impact upon it, so a natural progression is the occasional inclusion of bridges or roads.

My creative intent lies with how best to portray depth and perspective through strong compositional elements. The land parallel to the Missouri River is the geography that continues to draw me in.  The stark contrasts of the winter months in particular, appeal to my eye.

Susan McGilvrey, an Omaha artist, once wrote . . .

       Murphy’s paintings and drawings acknowledge and transcend the lushness of the eastern Nebraska landscape, exploring the austere geometric design underlying it.

I am portraying a kind of solitude and calm, but at the same time presenting a dramatic quality and expansive vision.

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