Ashley McKeever

For the past year I have been exploring the architectural world and playing with abstraction and design elements in my work.  I begin with architecture that interests me, incorporating the ambiguous meanings and details. Using oil paint, I juxtapose architecture with elements and patterns that represent the buildings history and design.  

 Reaching further, I have recently been working on structures that are personal to me and discovering how influential they can be in our lives.  Growing up in the small town of McCook, NE, it was hard to find inspiration when all I wanted to do was move to a bigger city.  However, I was inspired by one particular building and Architect, The Sutton House by Frank Lloyd Wright.  I took a tour of this beautifully constructed home as a kid and still recall the memory so well.  It has been inspiring me in ways I never knew, until now.  Furthering my knowledge in architects and architecture I have found many other architects that inspire me and my work; Mies van der Rohe, Frank Gehry, Le Corbusier, and William Van Allen.  Most artists I come across are an inspiration in some ways but my biggest influences are Katherine Mann (painter) and Angela Drakeford (sculptor).

 My goal is to present imagery that may change the way people perceive and feel about the structures around them. We encounter architecture every day whether it is the bridges we drive on, the buildings we work in, or the houses we live in and they resonate with us for longer than we know. The history and ideas behind each construction creates an underlying narrative that I am interested in exploring and developing.