Anne Burkholder

Anne Burkholder has been painting with oils for about 70 years.  Her mother, a musician, gave up on piano lessons for her.  Instead, she bought Anne’s first set of oil paints when she was 6 years old.

Anne grew up in Custer County in the middle of Nebraska’s Sandhills.  The wide open spaces, big skies, and the far distant horizon were her inspirations.  Her fascination with the horizon line has been with her since and continues to be the main theme in her paintings.

While working toward her Art degree at UNL, her horizon paintings were largely abstracts.  Since that time, her landscape paintings have evolved into a much more detailed, realistic style.  Like many of the Renaissance painters, she starts with a very dark background and ‘paint to the light’.  Although she has taught many painting classes with different styles and subjects, she has always painted the Nebraska landscape.

Twenty-eight years ago, Anne bought a building in what is now Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket District.  Her goal was to create a special place where she could live, paint, and display her work – in addition to sharing studio and gallery space with other artists as well.  Today the Burkholder Project includes 3 loft apartments, 34 studios, and 4 gallery spaces.  In addition, she represents more than 70 regional artists who work in many different mediums.  Though she continues to be delighted by the Burkholder Project artists and their work, her main focus continues to be her painting.

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